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One of the most serious charges in Canada can be an assault charge. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and we work with integrity for our clients. Whether a threat of assault or the act itself allegedly took place, the accused may face very serious penalties if convicted. Our criminal defence team of lawyers and attorneys are experts in defending domestic and assault related charges all over Ontario. Not all assault charges are viewed the same. Different types have different penalties. With these types of cases, it is very important to have an Assault Defence Lawyer to help guide you through the court process. At Titan Defence LLP, we have extensive expertise defending domestic assault allegations and various sorts of domestic abuse claims. Time is of the essence when charged with any assault charge and hiring your legal team to begin working on your defence right away is the key to a successful case. Titan Defence LLP has successfully represented Domestic and Aggravated Assault and have a strong track record of successful cases.

Types of Assault Charges:

Simple Assault

The Simple Assault charge is the most basic of assault charges the unlawful physical attack by one person upon another where neither the offender uses a weapon, nor the victim suffers obvious severe or aggravated bodily injury, for example involving broken bones, loss of teeth, or any possible internal injury, severe laceration or loss of consciousness. When the accused is facing a simple assault the possibly can one of two ways: summarily or by indictment. When the accused is charged by summary conviction, this results in a lesser maximum punishment. In the event the accused is charged by indictment, the official court process can be long and penalty can be more severe.

Aggravated Assault 

Aggravated assault is an elevated form of assault in found in the Criminal Code. In order to be charged with aggravated assault the defining requirement would be the intent to wound, maim or disfigure the victim, or endanger that person’s life. If charged with aggravated assault, the accused could face a maximum punishment of fourteen years in jail. When the victim suffers from serious injuries, long term harm, or the chance of death, this is grounds for an aggravated assault charge. 

Sexual Assault 

Sexual assault is when there is non-consensual contact that violates the sexual integrity of the complainant. Sexual assault can be charged in similar to a simple assault, in that it can be either summarily or by indictment. Sexual assault sentences when charged can have a maximum sentence of 10 years depending on how severe the case was. 

Domestic Assault 

A domestic charge requires the accused and victim to be involved in a romantic relationship. In Ontario we have «zero tolerance policy» which means when charged even if the victim does not want to go court, the case will reach the court. There are additional bail restrictions when someone is charged with domestic assault, in most cases the accused will not be allowed to contact the alleged victim or return home until the case reaches court.

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We strive to help you with getting:

  1. Charges withdrawn
  2. Charges dismissed
  3. No criminal record
  4. A peace bond
  5. A S. 810 peace bond
  6. A win at trial
  7. No jail

Most often these cases require prompt and immediate attention. We do everything possible to represent your case as soon as possible.

99% of our meetings with our clients are within 24 hours of your contact. All of our clients are provided with emergency 24/7 contact numbers.

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Titan Defence LLP has immense experience in defending all accused of or criminally charged with a wide range of criminal offences. No matter how severe your case is, our team of criminal lawyers is dedicated to help win your case. Titan Defence LLP team understands how critical getting expert legal advice is as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected, this is why our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call.

Our focus and frequently successful cases defended involve; Impaired Driving, DUI, Domestic Assault, Assault and Battery, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, Uttering Threats, Drug Possession, Firearms-related offences, Fraud, Theft, Robbery and other charges.