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We ensure your rights have not been breached and if they have, we fight to get you justice.

That’s our commitment to you.

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The Titan Process

Initial Consultation

We meet with you and give you an understanding of what to expect. We sit down with you, we learn about you, you learn about us, and we tell you what we can do for you.

Disclosure Review

We review your file, research caselaw, and request any helpful items that are not provided by the prosecutor. We form an opinion on your case and meet with the Crown prosecutor.

Meeting with the Crown

We negotiate with the Crown prosecutor for your ideal result.  For most people, this is attempting to get the charges withdrawn.  If the result is something you agree with, the matter ends.

Meeting with the Judge

A meeting with a judge is mandatory in some cases, and requested by the parties in others. This is where we get the chance to explain our position clearly to the judge. In this meeting, the Judge cannot force either party do anything but is able to make strong suggestions and provide their input. If the solution is not what we want, we set a date for trial.


At this stage, a different judge decides your guilt. The Crown prosecutor will present its case to the judge and we challenge it through questioning the evidence presented. This can mean questioning witnesses or attacking the reliability of documentary or video evidence. If the Crown has proven its case 'beyond a reasonable doubt', the judge must find you guilty. If the Crown does not, you are found not guilty and are free to go


At this stage, the judge decides the appropriate punishment after you are found guilty. The judge considers the circumstances of your case and you as a person. Our goal is always to get the lowest sentence possible in your circumstances. And remember, not every sentence results in a permanent criminal record!