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R v JP

The Client was charged with multiple counts of domestic assault against his wife. He had a long record for drug and weapon related offences. The Client was adamant about his innocence. His wife’s statement to police as well as the police memo book notes and Scene of Crime Photos created a lot of doubt as to her version of events. Under cross-examination, she admitted that she lied to police multiple times during her statement and exaggerated the events. The client was found not guilty on all counts.

R v SH-N

Client was charged with domestic homicide. He had, in a heat of passion, murdered the mother of his child after years of psychological abuse and a final threat of having his only child taken from him. Successfully argued exclusion of the accused post-offence conduct and exclusion of crime scene photos in the format provided for by Crown to forgo the jury seeing the gruesome photographs of the scene. Successfully defended second degree murder to manslaughter, significantly reducing clients ultimate sentence.

R v ZM

Client had been ordered detained after 4 th set of outstanding charges including an attempt murder, serious drug possession and proceeds of crime, breaches of court orders and a domestic assault. Successfully secured the clients release because of a material change in circumstance: namely weaknesses which arose on the Crown’s cases after thorough review of the cases before the court. These frailties ultimately also lead to a reduction of the attempt murder to an aggravated assault. All other sets of charges ultimately withdrawn.

R v JT

Client charged with domestic assault, mischief under for a push and breaking a phone. Although his girlfriend gave a statement to police, she eventually recanted and wanted to withdraw her complaint. She hired her own counsel and both the team at Titan and her counsel communicated to the Crown to ensure that all pertinent information was relayed. As a result, the Crown varied the bail so that they could communicate with each other even before the first court date, and the matter was withdrawn on his first appearance.

R v RP

Client was going through a nasty custody battle with his ex-spouse. The defence theory was that she reported an assault against him to leverage it for the family court proceedings. We spoke to the police ahead of time, made arrangements so that he would not be held overnight for bail, and released directly from the police station. At trial, a pointed, direct, and skillful cross-examination over two days uncovered a strong motivation to fabricate the allegations, with the judge eventually acquitting out client.

R v RB

Client was ordered detained after 5 th set of charges before the court including, assault, assault with a weapon, criminal harassment, fraud, multiple breaches of court orders and domestic assault. Was able to secure the clients release arguing both legal error and material change in circumstances by strengthening the plan of supervision and pointing out the weaknesses in the Crown’s cases against the client. Was able to  secure acquittals on two sets of charges at trial, and the Crown ultimately withdrew the rest as all matters related to the same two complainants. Client remains to be free of a criminal record despite the number of matters/charges with which he was faced.