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Kabir's practice is defined by success. From the outset, he takes a strategic approach to ensure that there is a plan in place to defend you and your interests. 

The goal is to make you, the client, clearly understand the confusing and intimidating criminal court process so you have the tools to make the right decisions. Kabir prides himself in being patient, approachable, and reliable. He is here for you - you should never be too shy, scared, or nervous to contact him. He has the unique ability to anticipate the arguments of the opposing side, and thus is always at a tactical advantage.

The cornerstone of Kabir's practice is him understanding that sometimes he needs to fight and other times he needs to be friendly to get his client the best results. This multi-faceted approach has led to an extremely high success rate with a wide and diverse client base. Kabir is also a trusted lawyer amongst his colleagues. His expertise and input is requested regularly by other lawyers and is often referred large and complex files by his colleagues.


  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Criminal Lawyers Association
  • Legal Aid Ontario (Extremely Serious Matters)

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  • English
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu
  • Hindi

"Defined by success."

Kabir Sharma

Research on Duncan Credit & the Pandemic

Since the writing of this blog post, the Court of Appeal of Ontario has released the following additional cases on enhanced credit awarded due to unduly harsh time spent in pre-trial custody

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Notable Cases

R v AG

Client charged with sexually assaulting a woman he met at a Toronto night club. There were text messages sent by her to him the next day stating that she felt guilty about what happened because she had a boyfriend and had cheated on him. The boyfriend found out, confronted her, and then sex assault was reported. Client maintained his innocence and argued that the sexual intercourse was consensual. At trial, the Crown argued that client was not entitled to use text messages as part of his defence. After a hotly contested Application, the judge permitted the use of these message and concluded that she did consent, resulting in an acquittal of the client. Crown was seeking a 3 to 4 year sentence if client was found guilty.

R v DD

Client was charged with sexually assaulting his spouse with whom he was separated and going through a nasty divorce. There were two young children involved. DD, who was a general surgeon, had moved on but still wished to maintain contact with the children and co-parent. The evidence outlined that both DD and his spouse were still intimate with each other occasionally. Upon DD filing for full custody of his children, his spouse complained to police that DD had raped her. We were able to use the existence of family court documents to skillfully cross-examine the spouse resulting in a number of unexplained inconsistencies, resulting in an acquittal for the client.

R v EM

Client was a mother of four with no criminal record charged with over 40 firearm related offences, including trafficking firearms. The Crown theory was that she obtained a legal firearms license and purchased firearms legally so that they could be ‘rented-out’ by other individuals for a fee, who would then commit shootings, robberies, and murders, then return the guns. A search warrant was executed on a residence where 7 firearms were found. After a failed bail hearing and a failed bail review, we were finally able to get her a bail on a second bail review and she was reunited with her 4 children after about a year in custody. After months of negotiations, we were able to convince the Crown that it would be impossible to prove that she had any role in the scheme, and the Crown ultimately agreed. She pled guilty to only 4 counts of careless storage of a firearm for probation rather than the 12 years the Crown was initially seeking.