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R v AK

Client charged with Attempt Murder in a brutal stabbing. He made admissions to police and was caught at the scene. The client was assessed by expert psychiatrists from both the Crown and Defence. During the trial we were able to discredit some of the findings presented by the Crown’s expert and create enough doubt about her assessment to secure a Not Criminal Responsible verdict for our client.

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R v TF

Client faced with drug and firearm charges including an attempt murder. Police had conducted a wiretap investigation on our client because of a homicide investigation. Police alleged client was involved in a drug trafficking operation and seeking revenge against a rival gang member as retaliation of a robbery of a “trap house”. Clients motor vehicle was the subject of a take-down en route to what police alleged was going to be a murder of the rival gang members. Client was discharged at preliminary hearing on attempt murder based on defence submissions on insufficient intent to make out attempt murder.

R v WR

Client was charged with Possession of Cocaine and Fentanyl for the Purpose of Trafficking as well as charges related to Possession of a Firearm. We argued that his right to be secured against unreasonable search and seizure and his right not to be detained arbitrarily were breached. As a result, the evidence seized by police was excluded and the client was found not guilty at trial.

R v AG

Client was charged impaired driving and driving with a blood alcohol concentration over 80 mg/ml. He was stopped by police on his way home and breathalyzed. At the station, his readings were 177 mg and 175 mg. We went to trial and argued that the client’s section 7 Charter rights were breached because police pulled him over for no other reason than the colour of his skin. Through diligent disclosure review we discovered racially charged conversations between the police officers and disciplinary reports for one of the officers. The evidence against the client was excluded and he was found not guilty at trial.

R v ML

Client was charged with multiple counts of Fraud Over $5000 because of alleged fraudulent wire transfers. The Crown’s case was strong, but we were able to create enough reasonable doubt based on the gaps contained in the evidence that allegedly linked the transfers to our client. He was found not guilty after a lengthy judge and jury trial.

R v TY

Client was charged with multiple counts of Credit Card Theft and Fraud over $5000. We received disclosure and held a Judicial Pre-Trial. We convinced the judge and Crown that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction, and all charges were withdrawn.

R v OM

Client was charged Impaired Driving and Driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration Over 80 mg/100 ml. He was allegedly driving down the highway erratically and with speeds in excess of 150 km/h. He was pulled over and had an open container of vodka on the passenger seat. He admitted to drinking alcohol and blew well over the legal limit at the station. After negotiations with the Crown, the matter was resolved with a plea to careless driving which is not a criminal offence. He was spared a criminal record which would have had negative employment implications.

R v DL

Client was a youth suffering through multiple life traumas. He was charged with Aggravated Assault and Possession of a Deadly Weapon. We got him counselling and helped him secure housing. After negotiations with the Crown, the Aggravated Assault charge was replaced with a simple Assault and his Possession of a Deadly Weapon charge was withdrawn. The client completed counselling and his remaining charge was withdrawn.

R v JP

The Client was charged with multiple counts of domestic assault against his wife. He had a long record for drug and weapon related offences. The Client was adamant about his innocence. His wife’s statement to police as well as the police memo book notes and Scene of Crime Photos created a lot of doubt as to her version of events. Under cross-examination, she admitted that she lied to police multiple times during her statement and exaggerated the events. The client was found not guilty on all counts.

R v SH-N

Client was charged with domestic homicide. He had, in a heat of passion, murdered the mother of his child after years of psychological abuse and a final threat of having his only child taken from him. Successfully argued exclusion of the accused post-offence conduct and exclusion of crime scene photos in the format provided for by Crown to forgo the jury seeing the gruesome photographs of the scene. Successfully defended second degree murder to manslaughter, significantly reducing clients ultimate sentence.