Practice Areas

When a person is arrested by the police, they can either be released at the police station or taken before the Court for the Crown to 'show cause' or demonstrate why they should be detained.  Bail is the process of organizing and advocating for that release. The Court may impose certain conditions such as requiring a friend or family member (a 'surety') to supervise the arrested person.  At Titan Defence, we organize and execute a bail plan which ensures that the arrested person is released as soon as possible and with the least restrictive conditions.  

Contrary to popular belief, the prosecution and the police do not represent victims of crime in the court process. Once the police arrest and charge an individual, the victim cannot have the charges 'dropped' on demand. A victim of a criminal offence does, however, have the right to retain a lawyer to have their voice heard. In fact, the victim's input is often only taken into consideration after they have retained a lawyer to provide them with Independent Legal Advice and communicate with the Crown Attorney on their behalf. At Titan Defence, we represent a large variety of victims, including those that wish to withdraw their complaints as well as victims who wish to consult with counsel for general advice.

Domestic assault is one of the most aggressively prosecuted types of criminal charges in Canada. The police have a zero-tolerance policy for domestic assault. Once they receive a complaint, an arrest generally ensues. There does not need to be any injuries or witnesses. Simply the word of one party is enough to have the other party charged. The law states that once someone is found guilty of a domestic assault, they receive a higher punishment than if it were a non-domestic assault. Being found guilty can also significantly impact on child custody and family-related matters. At Titan Defence we have successfully defended hundreds of individuals charged with domestic assault as well as provided Independent Legal Advice to numerous complainants. 

Sexual assault includes a wide range of conduct, from an unwanted kiss to intercourse with an intoxicated person who cannot consent. As a result of recent changes to the law, sexual assault has become one of the most difficult offences to defend in Canada. The ability to use emails and text messages exchanged between the parties to confront the accuser now require special permission from the judge. In addition, prior instances of sexual activities between the parties cannot be relied upon to argue that consent was more likely or that the complainant should not be believed. The consequences of being found guilty are disastrous and often result in serious jail sentences and registry as a sex offender. At Titan Defence, we have successfully defended people who have been accused of sexual assault, both in the context of an intimate partner and other types of encounters.

Drinking alcohol or using drugs and operating a vehicle is a criminal offence that is taken very seriously in Canada. In fact, the law was recently changed to make it even more difficult for accused individuals to successfully challenge the charges against them. Cases of Impaired Driving and Driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration over 80 mg/ml are highly technical. Their success depends on very discrete and specialized legal issues as well as breaches of the accused person’s Charter rights. At Titan Defence, our lawyers have successfully defended complex Impaired and Over 80 cases because we know which issues to spot and how to best navigate the technicality of these cases.

Youth, also known as young persons, consist of individuals under the age of 18 years old. They are governed by a separate set of laws than adults. The courts are aware that young persons have limited development and can easily be influenced by their surroundings. Therefore, they are provided special protections because of their age. However, that does not suggest that young persons are treated more leniently all the time. Depending on the type of offence and its circumstances, a young person can still be tried as an adult and still be subject to adult penalties. At Titan Defence, we deal with both serious and less-serious youth matters and ensure that all consequences are reduced to the minimum possible given the circumstances. We at Titan Defence have reduced financial requirements for young people who lack the resources to properly defend themselves.

Fraud can happen in many ways: it can be as minor as depositing a fake cheque into an ATM machine, or as serious as a corporate ponzi scheme that involves millions of dollars. What all frauds have in common is that an element of deciet or untruthfulness exists. Fraud related offences include identity theft, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, and cheque fraud. A finding of guilt for a fraud related offence will have serious consequences on anyone’s career prospects. It is not difficult to imagine why an employer would choose to not hire someone with a history of fraud. At Titan Defence, we are able to not only defend all allegations of fraud, but are also able to work out creative resolutions that do not end up in a criminal record, which can include repayment of any funds lost.

Offences against children are highly stigmatized and individuals accused of these crimes are often afraid and embarrassed to seek guidance. At Titan Defence, we understand the difficulty of the situation. We treat our clients without judgment. Our priority is to get the most favourable outcome possible. Offences in this category carry serious time in prison and the verdict often boils down to a contest of credibility between the accused and the alleged victim. Our lawyers are not afraid to defend our clients’ innocence even in the face of the most heinous allegations. Everyone deserves a defence at Titan Defence. 

The number of drug overdose deaths has forced Canada to declare a public health crisis. Although there is a trend to move away from penalizing those who are in possession of drugs due to their addiction, the government of Canada has taken a hard-line stance against those who sell drugs. Titan Defence maintains a successful and busy drug practice that defends those charged with trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, importing and simple possession. These cases are often won by arguing that the police violated the rights guaranteed to every citizen under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Titan Defence has also successfully defended those who have been racially profiled and those who happen to be caught at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Robbery is simply an assault and a theft combined, and can be something as minor as a student taking someone's lunch money against their will, or as serious as a bank robbery or home invasion. Robberies can be committed with a weapon or without one, and only the threat of force is required. Actual use of force is not. At Titan Defence, we have a large robbery practice. Because of the level of violence that a robbery can include, they can be policed and prosecuted very aggressively. Defending robberies often require critical analysis of DNA, fingerprints, and other forensic evidence. Titan Defence works closely with experts in DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, and video enhancement to ensure the Crown's do not have the upper hand.

The law on firearms and firearms possession is complex. It involves the interplay between firearms licensing laws, the Criminal Code of Canada, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the law of "possession". It is not uncommon that a person finds themself arrested and charged with firearms offences simply because they were present in or around a location where a firearm was found by police. It may also be the case that a firearm was found on a person. We at Titan Defence have successfully defended many individuals charged with firearms offences, even in circumstances where the firearm was found on them, by demonstrating that the police detained and searched the person illegally.

There is no offence in Canada more serious than deliberately taking the life of another human being. There is a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment upon a guilty verdict. Contrary to popular belief, a life sentence in Canada does not expire after 25 years. Life means life - you simply become eligible for parole at 25 years. For murder cases, police appoint the most senior, intelligent, and hard-working officers, who work closely with specialized teams of senior Crown prosecutors to advocate fiercely against the defence. Both the police and Crown prosecutors also have the advantage of virtually limitless resources at their disposal. Only a select few lawyers in Ontario are capable of defending such cases. We at Titan Defence have had significant involvement in several high-profile murder cases and have a deep understanding of the liberty which is at stake.

There are three levels of assault with increasing consequences. First, there is simple assault which can result when one person intentionally applies force to someone else. For example, pushing, slapping, kicking, spitting, biting, etc. are all considered assault. Second, there is Assault with a Weapon or Causing Bodily Harm. Any reasonable object can be considered a weapon. For example, if a person throws a fruit at someone else it can be considered assault with a weapon. Bodily harm is defined as a non-transient injury which causes an injury that more than minor. The injury does not need to be serious for this charge to apply. Any injury that causes prolonged discomfort can be included. For example, bruising someone’s eye or causing superficial bleeding will result in a charge for assault causing bodily harm. Finally, there is aggravated assault, which is assault that wounds, maims, disfigures or endangers someone’s life. This charge is reserved for cases where a serious injury has occurred or where a person’s life was in danger because of someone’s intentional actions.

“Intercepted communications” or wiretaps are being used by the police more frequently than ever. With the approval from a judge, the police can listen in to a person's phone conversations and intercept their text messages. These are amongst the most lengthy and complex cases to defend. Because wiretap evidence is usually so compelling, Titan Defence employs a multi-pronged approach to defend these cases. At Titan Defence we attack the information the police provide to the judge to obtain the authorization for the wiretaps. We have argued that the information provided to the judge is untrue, misleading, or that substantial details are omitted. We have also successfully attacked the interpretation of the recorded conversations, usually by challenging the prosecution’s coded language "expert".

Academic institutions and regulated professions contain their own adjudicative bodies that have the authority to hand down consequences ranging from suspensions to revoking one’s licence. Whether you are an undergraduate student facing disciplinary sanctions or a professional facing a hearing to save your licence, Titan Defence lawyers will advise you through the process and advocate on your behalf. In addition, Titan Defence lawyers represent individuals appearing before the Ontario Review Board (for those who have been found Not Criminally Responsible), Ontario Parole Board (for those seeking parole), the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (for victims who wish to be compensated as a result of the offence committed against them), the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (for individuals who have suffered discrimination or harassment), and the Custody Review Board (for those who committed an offence when they were under 18 and wish to review their placement).

Property offences include mischief, theft, theft of a motor vehicle, break and enter, and arson amongst others. If a person damages or steals another person’s property, then they can be charged with an offence under this category. Depending on the extent of the damage, the items that were taken and the circumstances of the offence, the potential consequences can be very serious. At Titan Defence, our lawyers regularly obtain successful outcomes both at trial and in resolutions pertaining to offences against property.