Notable Cases


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R v RF

Client was faced with a string of vicious armed robberies and attempt murder as it related to the first in the string of robberies. Challenged Crown’s similar fact evidence and successfully got the client discharged on the most serious set after a preliminary hearing based on defence submissions on insufficient ID. Crown was seeking dangerous offender application which has been seriously diminished due the discharge of the attempt murder.

R v MC

Client was charged with attempt murder and numerous firearm offences for a shooting that took place at the entrance of a mall where several shots were fired. Client was charged as youth and identification was the main issue. We persistently requested disclosure which we did not receive, and the first trial date had to be adjourned due to state conduct and ongoing investigation to strengthen their case. We successfully argued a Charter s. 11(b) delay application for a youth attempt murder case. All charges stayed at 17 months and 27 days (under the presumptive ceiling).

R v JK

Client implicated in a robbery and was being followed secretly by police. He had a minor record but was 18 years old. Upon police stopping and searching him, he was found to be in possession of a fully loaded firearm in his Gucci satchel. After a full day bail hearing, he was released to one surety on a curfew bail despite having a criminal record.