Frequently Asked Questions

It is always in your interest to have a lawyer retained as soon as you know you will be charged. Many of our clients hire us while they are being investigated and before being charged. This ensures that the police and Crown prosecutors are aware that experienced lawyers are in your corner watching and scrutinizing their every move.

Of course, it is not always financially feasible for everyone to hire a lawyer on short notice. The need for a criminal lawyer is often an unexpected expense, so many of our clients also attend their first court date on their own and try to obtain disclosure.

We are more than happy to look over the disclosure during an initial consultation and answer whatever questions we can at that moment.

This is a question that is impossible to answer without knowing the details of who you are and what your case is about. The reasoning is simple – all cases are very fact specific and require different time commitments based on the personal circumstances of the individual charged and the investigation which leads to the charges. For example, a simple shoplifting case is a less serious matter, that will take far less time than a case with a year long murder investigation which involves hundreds of police officers.

In most cases, our firm has two billing structures for our clients to choose from. Once we decide we accept you as a client, we provide you with either a ‘block fee’ quote, or an hourly rate. Both require an initial retainer to be deposited to the firm for us to begin working. This money is your money and is held in trust by us.

The block fee covers services up to a set part of the criminal law process for a set amount. For example, we would cover all court appearances, review your disclosure, request any disclosure that was not included, and have meetings with the Crown and Judge for a set fee. This fee depends on how many appearances we expect, how much disclosure there is, and how many meetings with the Crown and Judge we expect. The more serious the case, the longer this process will be. There may then be a further retainer for a trial, which would outline the costs for a trial. This is usually on a per day basis based on the lawyers daily rate.

Block fees are often preferable for our clients because they are predictable and can be completed in partial, interest-free payments over a period of time. This ensures that you know exactly what your expenses are expected to be so you can plan and budget accordingly.

An ‘hourly rate’ fee structure is based on your chosen lawyer’s hourly rate for the work performed as it is performed. This money is charged to your trust funds.

Either way, regardless of which method you choose, all fees are made transparent at the initial consultation and retainer stage so you know what to expect.

To make it as easy as possible for our clients, we accept all forms of payment, including Visa and Master Card.

There are few things more unpredictable than criminal law. There is a very human element to all parts of the criminal law process that make predicting a result to any high degree of certainty impossible. People’s life experiences shape who they are, and to a degree, how they approach issues faced in the justice system.

That being said, it is the neutral and objective element of the ‘rule of law’ which governs the actions of everyone involved in the justice system, especially the prosecution and the judge. In the end, Titan Defence understands that both of these elements have an equal impact on how your case proceeds through the system. We stand out amongst our peers as a result of understanding the nuances of the people with whom we work. A great lawyer understands how to use this type of information to their client’s advantage. This is the edge that Titan Defence provides its clients.

Although we will never guarantee you a result, we do guarantee to provide you with an educated, dispassionate, and logically-sound opinion on your case being sure to include a consideration of every variable involved, legal and emotional.

We can also promise to you that we can justify our opinion to you using our experience, the law, and the facts of your specific case. We then provide you with possible solutions and assist in executing them. Remember, we are here to advise you to the best of our ability - the final decision will always be yours to make.

You should hire whatever lawyer suits your needs, personality, and expectations. That may not be us. At Titan Defence, we interview our clients as much as they interview us. We understand that the wheels of justice move slowly, and the lawyer-client relationship can last months, if not years. The relationship is only successful if there is a mutual respect for one another and everyone’s expectations are realistic. If we are not the right lawyers for you, we have a vast network of skilled lawyers and we can happily refer you to someone else who may better suit you.

We take pride in our very high success rate. Years of quality work and skillful advocacy has earned us respect among all members of the criminal justice system, from police and Crowns, to judge’s and other criminal lawyers. All criminal justice system workers have high expectations of how the lawyers at Titan Defence carry themselves and we work very hard to maintain this reputation for the benefit of our clients.