Notable Cases


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R v ZM

Client had been ordered detained after 4 th set of outstanding charges including an attempt murder, serious drug possession and proceeds of crime, breaches of court orders and a domestic assault. Successfully secured the clients release because of a material change in circumstance: namely weaknesses which arose on the Crown’s cases after thorough review of the cases before the court. These frailties ultimately also lead to a reduction of the attempt murder to an aggravated assault. All other sets of charges ultimately withdrawn.

R v JB

Client charged with human trafficking related offences. He maintained his innocence from the beginning. Despite him having a very minor criminal , record, he was ordered detained at two separate bail hearings. He retained us to conduct a third bail hearing. After reviewing the file, we launched an attack on the credibility of the witness. We were able to find other cases in which the complainant had falsely accused an individual of trafficking and relied on those for the bail. The client was released immediately to is family and four kids, and ultimately acquitted of human trafficking.

R v RB

Client was ordered detained after 5 th set of charges before the court including, assault, assault with a weapon, criminal harassment, fraud, multiple breaches of court orders and domestic assault. Was able to secure the clients release arguing both legal error and material change in circumstances by strengthening the plan of supervision and pointing out the weaknesses in the Crown’s cases against the client. Was able to  secure acquittals on two sets of charges at trial, and the Crown ultimately withdrew the rest as all matters related to the same two complainants. Client remains to be free of a criminal record despite the number of matters/charges with which he was faced.